Did you know that for some people, Christmas time is not all about the singing, decorations and festivities? Instead, they are dealing with a crazy amount of anxiety as they are going through the Christmas season. For those who have anxiety during the Christmas season, most people cannot begin to understand why they have anxiety. For most people, the Christmas season is one of happiness, thus the idea of this making anyone anxious is a concept beyond their reach. 

Why Anxiety Amps Up During Christmas?

Why do some people feel nothing but anxiety during the Christmas season? There are numerous reasons. However, most professionals have narrowed this down to two main reasons. One, they have bad memories from their childhood that is associated with this time of year. When this time of year does roll around, those bad memories play on loop in their heads and make it harder for them to enjoy themselves now, since they are living in the past. 

The other conclusion is that the holidays are so full of buying this and that, spending more than what you have, making schedules to appear at this party and that party, that many people start to feel anxious at all that they have to do. This is understandable. For the most part, those who have anxiety throughout the rest of the year, are simply having to deal with more elements that make them more anxious during the Christmas season. 

How to Help those with Anxiety

For those who are dealing with someone that has anxiety during this time of the year, be sure that you are doing your part to help them. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Have an open and honest discussion about what is going on and what feelings that the other person has. 
  2. Talk with them about what you can do to help.
  3. Make some items less stressful on them, if you do not really need their input on something, then don’t ask. 
  4. Make gift exchange something that doesn’t break the bank. For those with larger families, drawing names is often one of the ways in which you can save everyone some anxiety and money.
  5. Let the person have some time alone as this may be what they need to decompress. 

While most of us associate the holiday season with fun and great memories, anxiety can be playing a role for many people. Don’t just assume someone is the Grinch…it could be anxiety.

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