For many people, one of the staples that they have around during the Christmas season is their Christmas wreath. They may have this hanging on their front door, their windows or even over the fireplace. While we all know that this makes for an awesome decoration, do you know why we use this decoration? Probably not! Not many people do!

The Traditional Wreath

While wreaths of any kind and color can be found now, the traditional wreath is mostly made with evergreen twigs, pinecones, and even a red ribbon bow. Nowadays, you can find those that are made with nothing but ribbon and bows, or even those that are made with nothing more than pinecones and glue. Whether you want to go traditional or non-traditional, it doesn’t really make. The wreath no matter what it is made from is going to signify the same thing. 

The Meaning of the Wreath

During Christmas, the wreath is meant to signify eternity. In addition, it is meant to wish those who see it happiness going into the New Year. There are other meanings that are attached to wreaths based on the decorations. For example;

  • If the wreath contains berries or other types of fruit, it is often meant to symbolize the harvest
  • A wreath containing a candle is meant to showcase the winter solstice

And the list goes on. However, no matter what you do, know that the wreath is something that is meant to bring happiness to those who are around it. Thus, for many people, it is just as important as finding the best tree out there to use in their home!

Deciding on a Wreath

  • Given the many options that are out there, how do you decide on a wreath for your home? We have a few tips that can help:
  • Take into consideration where you will be placing this as this can help you to decide on the size of the wreath that you are going to need for those areas
  • Do you want to go traditional or more modern? Either way is fine, as this is a personal decision.
  • Do you wish to use a wreath that is fresh and meant to be thrown out at the end of the season? Or one that is artificial that can be used year after year? 

In the end, no matter what you choose you are going to find that it will fit in with your Christmas decor just fine.

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