Spirit of giving. It is that time of the year again and you are probably making up a list of things to do this Christmas; catching up with old friends, spending time with family, getting yourself those beautiful sets of pants, the list may go on.

No matter how long your Christmas list maybe already, it is not complete without a plan to give out so much love. All through the years, Christmas has been a time to love and show love to the beautiful people in our lives. Well, here is your chance to make it happen.

It is another time to pour out your love to the people in your life. It is time again to show them how important they are and just how lucky you are to have them. It is another chance to reach out to some others outside your circle. It is a time to share love and spread happiness.

Do you think you don’t have so much to give? This is for you! There is love large enough to go around. Take it a notch this Christmas; it’s not about the price of the gift.

You can give people the gift of your time. Be the ears that listen to your friend’s frustration and they will appreciate every minute you gave out of your clogged schedule. Give a comforting hug, laugh so hard with them until your ribs hurt.

Give the gift of beautiful memories that leave them beaming as the holidays end, be the reason they look forward to another Christmas. Surely, you would be making yourself a whole box of happiness too.

Absolutely yes, don’t forget to add a little something. Christmas is all about giving after all. You surely want to see the sparkle in their eyes as they try to guess what’s in there and of course the smile on their faces as they meet their new possessions, all wrapped in so much love and warmth.

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