For children, Christmas stockings are something that they look forward to each year. They are often stuffed with candies, fruits, and small toys. And throughout the year, they are often told that if they are not good, Santa will place a lump of coal in their stockings. 

Christmas Stockings Up To Today

Before today’s time, kids would simply put up their best stocking socks for Santa to fill with their goodies. In times past, these goodies would often be one piece of candy and fruit. And these stockings were hung on the fireplace since almost every home had one. However, as this tradition continued, the idea of decorating stockings that we find out in the store today came to be me. In addition, the contents of these stockings started to increase from fewer fruits to more candies and small toys. In addition, as more homes no longer have a fireplace, they are hung wherever they will be seen such as on a stair rail.

Christmas Stocking Tradition Around the World

The Christmas stocking is not a tradition that is solely found in the US and European areas. There are several alternate versions of this tradition. For example, in Holland kids put out their shoes which contain hay and carrots for a horse, Sinterklaas. In Hungary, children also put out their shoes but they shine and clean them first! 

Decorating with Christmas Stockings

Since Christmas stockings are such a staple of Christmas, it makes sense to use these for decorating purposes. Here are a few tips to help you in selecting the best stocking for your Christmas decor:

  1. Consider a stocking that is going to be the same theme of the theme of your Christmas tree to create a unified look.
  2. Make your own! This will be something that you can reuse year after year and they will always be something that you love.
  3. Consider the size of the stocking as you do not want to go too little if you have a huge area to decorate, and you don’t want to go so big that the stocking takes up more room than other types of decor. 
  4. Personalized stockings are a huge hit as kids love that Santa will have no doubt as to who these belong to!

If you have kids, then you cannot have stockings! They have a rich history and they are tons of fun for kids, but they can also add depth to your Christmas decor as well. 

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