Design principles. The furniture is a really big deal in the house. It is not enough to get the right set of furniture, you have to move a step further to make the most of what you have. Arranging furniture and decorative items can even be harder. 

Many people have had to try different methods before they could get what they wanted. Well, you don’t have to go through that. In this piece, we bring you some design principles to follow to help you arrange furniture and decorative items easily. 

1. Harmony

No matter how many the pieces of furniture are, you don’t want to arrange them in a way that screams “I’m confused”. Each piece should individually advertise a single mood yet send a uniform message. That is harmony. 

By using either the colors or the designs as a guide, you can achieve harmony with your furniture. They shouldn’t be set facing a different direction. There should be a focal point for each set of furniture. It sends the message that you’ve got it all together and you could easily inspire the feeling of peace within you while you enjoy the scenery. 

2. Rhythm

You would do a better job of arranging your furniture and decorative items by creating a rhythm. You don’t necessarily have to stay within the confines of a single color but the colors should relate from furniture to flowers.

Let each item resonate with the next in a way that gives a feel of continuity. Your flowers would shine brighter having a space for itself without adding it to an already colored background. This is because flowers usually come with a combination of colors themselves. 

You don’t want a clumsy, busy-looking house that fills you with a sense of urgency all the time. This is your personal space after all, and you’ll need to feel relaxed here more than anywhere else. 

3. The focal point 

Remember that your furniture is supposed to drive attention to a part of the room, that part is the focal point. This is usually the fireplace. If your fireplace, for example, is the focal point in your room, arrange the furniture in a way that allows people easy access to the fireplace.

The focal point should visible from any corner of the room. You should also arrange your decorative items in a way that they hover around this point. They should adorn it lightly.

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