For many people, the idea of having an artificial Christmas tree is simple. They think that you just throw it into the basement and each year you drag it back up. However, any artificial Christmas tree, especially those flocked artificial Christmas trees are going to require that you put a bit more care into it than simply putting it into a cold, damp basement. The way that you care for the tree now is going to show in the next few years. If you take care of it now, ten years down the road, it will still be beautiful. However, if you don’t take care of it, then it is going to show in probably a few years, if not sooner. 

With this being said, how do you take care of a flocked artificial Christmas tree? For the most part, you will find that the care instructions are rather similar to a regular artificial Christmas tree. However, since this is flocked, which means it has the snow covering on the branches, you have to pay special attention to avoid knocking this decor off. 

  1. Be super careful when you are storing the tree and moving branches into the upward or downward position to be stored. While the flocking is not likely to come off just due to gentle manipulation of the branches, if you were to toss this down a flight of stairs, you may lose some flocking. 
  2. Put this tree into a tree storage bag, not just the original box. If the flocking gets damp or wet, it will start to flake off. There will be no gluing it back on either!
  3. Avoid extreme temperature changes in the location that you are storing this flocked artificial Christmas tree. The temperature changes can actually cause the flocking to become loose and then fall off. 
  4. Remember, it is okay if you see a few drops of flocking that are on the floor. It is normal for a bit to come off, even if it is brand new out of the box. Only worry if the flocking is coming off to the point that you see more green branches than flocked branches.

For those who decide on getting a flocked artificial Christmas tree, they are going to love how this brings winter right into your living room. However, they will find that with the flocked tree, comes a bit more upkeep to keep it looking amazing. 

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