At the end of the day, Christmas trees are green trees, so we had better get the best of them. If you’re planning to make a natural tree serve the purpose of a Christmas tree, it is important to identify the best green trees that will work well for you, carry your ornaments well and last long.

Also, note that you can store your Christmas tree for the next Christmas season. So here are our top suggestions:

1. Balsam Fir 

With its strong branches, the Balsam Fir tree is one of the green trees that hold firmly to your decorations, you don’t have to be afraid of losing a branch to the weight of your decorations. This tree also has a great fragrance that blends in quite well with the additional fragrance you might want to add later.

What more? Balsam fir comes in the traditional dark green color of a Christmas tree so you have no worries over color toning.

2. Douglas Fir 

We know you are accustomed to gorgeous Christmas trees with the beautiful shape of a cone. With a Douglas fir tree, you wouldn’t need much shaping and pruning to make it into a Christmas tree. It is already a Christmas tree waiting to be owned by you.

Moreover, you won’t be having a hard time getting this tree as almost half of the Christmas trees grown in America are the Douglas fir.

3. White Pine 

The pines are not left behind. The White Pine tree stands out for their needles that grow in bundles. They also have very little fragrance so you get to choose the fragrance you want. The branches are not very strong so if you love your ornaments minimal, you just met the perfect fit. They also come in a natural bluish-green hue.

4. Red Cedar

The Red Cedar tree has branches that are full and form the shape of a pyramid, exactly the way you want it for Christmas. The shiny green color and durability of this tree are great reasons to opt for the Red Cedar.

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